Medicinal Chemistry 

1. Scope of Services: 

    1) To provide medicinal chemistry leadership of company projects

    2) To oversee chemistry-related CROs/CMOs activities

    3) To collaborate with the Company’s employees and other consultants in a timely manner to contribute to project progress and goal achievement

2. Location: Work remotely

3. Compensation (negotiable): Hourly or daily rate and maximum number of hours or days 

Protein Chemistry



1. Scope of Services: 

    1) Advise on and troubleshoot protein related issues with CROs and PIN teams.

    2) Identify special protein needs of different teams, assess resources and make recommendations to team leaders and PIN management.

- Specific areas include the following: 

a.Preparation of high-quality protein samples for biochemical and structural studies

*Protein engineering tools, including construct design, construction, expression using bacterial and mammalian/insect cell systems, purification/characterization, and optimization of recombinant proteins

b.Ligand binding using biochemical and biophysical techniques to characterize protein function and/or small molecule-protein interactions (e.g. SPR, ITC, MST, RDA, DSF)

*Scientific insights into kinetics and thermodynamics of protein-ligand interactions

2. Location: Work remotely

3. Compensation (negotiable): Hourly or daily rate and maximum number of hours or days 

Business Development

We are looking for Business Development consultants with 10+ years of proven track record of leading or supporting strategic collaboration and out-licensing agreements.

1. Qualifications: 

    1) Knowledgeable about the scientific, clinical/regulatory aspects of drug discovery and development. Knowledge of targeted protein degradation and oncology preferred.

    2) Established broad network of contacts in the pharmaceutical space and regularly networking with and developing relationships with prospective partners.

    3) Experience working with, and ability to manage, cross-cultural differences.

2. Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    1) Define the business development strategy including research collaborations for discovery stage assets or platform technologies as well as identify target companies to pursue partnering opportunities compatible with the company's strategic vision and corporate strategy.

    2) Work with a cross-functional team to organize scientific, technical and product asset due diligence to support potential partnerships and business development discussions.

    3) Lead and/or support drafting and negotiation of term sheets/contracts and definitive agreements by working with internal legal group and external parties to close deals that create sustainable growth for both parties. 

3. Location: Work remotely


4. Compensation: Negotiable 

Computational Chemistry 

1. Scope of Services: 

- A highly motivated and creative computational chemist consultant 

- Work collaboratively with medicinal chemists and project teams to identify and design novel compounds with improved properties

(1) Structure, ligand and fragment-based drug discovery, virtual screening, scaffold morphing, docking studies. Experience with transcription factors a plus

(2) Practical working experience in computational chemistry software such as Schrodinger, OpenEye, and MOE

(3) Working knowledge of medicinal, synthetic, and physical organic chemistry principles

2. Location: Work remotely

3. Compensation (negotiable): Hourly or daily rate and maximum number of hours or days 

If interested, please send your CV or resume to


1. Scope of Services: 

- Work collaboratively with bioscience and developmental science team across project teams

- Preferred skills set

  • Ability to analyze -omics data

    • transcriptomics (e.g. RNA-seq)

    • proteomics (e.g. multiplexed mass spectrometry)

  • Familiarity with databases (TCGA, CCLE, etc)

  • Strong statistics background with ability to perform analysis with Python or R

  • General knowledge of biology (molecular biology, genetics, genomics)

    • familiarity with cancer biology or immunology is preferred

2. Location: Work remotely

3. Compensation (negotiable): Hourly or daily rate and maximum number of hours or days